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Lamp Repair

We repair chandeliers and sconces!

B & B Lamps and Shades repairs almost all types of lamps, chandeliers, or lighting fixtures. Lamp repairs can usually be made with a quick turnaround, and many can be done while you wait!

Most lamp repairs are very inexpensive and much cheaper than replacing a lamp!

Types of Lamp Repairs

Lamp Repair
Change the color, lengthen or shorten a cord.
Bent Rods
Straighten or replace a broken lamp rod.
Repair a broken socket or change the socket to a 3 way, on/off, candelabra...
Lamp Bases
Repair a broken base.
Inline Switches
Install a convenient in-line switch to the lamp cord.
Re-wire an old lamp or chandelier with safe, up-to-date wiring.
Crystal Cleaning
Revitalize the crystals to bring out their original luster.
European Wire Conversion
Re-wire for renewed use.
Diamond Bit Drilling
Build a custom lamp out of a glass or porcelain piece.
Tighten Lamp Base
Tighten loose lamp parts.
Harp Assembly
Add a harp assembly to a lamp for additional shade options.
Build up or cut down a lamp base
Modernize the lamp base for a updated look.

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