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Fitting a Lamp Shade

1.Where is the lamp going to be used?
The answer to this question will determine, in general, if you need a larger size of shade or if you want to size the shade down to fit its surroundings. For example, two lamps on a buffet may have a smaller shades. A lamp used by a bedside may have a bit larger shade, and a lamp used on a end table in a great room will need a large shade to proportion the lamp to its space.
2.How much light do you need from the lamp?
The answer to this question will determine if you are going to use the lamp as a general light source or as an accent lamp. A darker shade gives dramatic, richer light that will accent a smaller area with light, but in the end you may lose some light. If light is a necessity, you will need to use a much more translucent, lighter colored shade.
3.What shape is the lamp base?
The answer to this question helps to determine the shape of the shade. As a general rule, try to use the lamp base to give direction as to the shape of the shade. If the lamp base is round, use a round shade. If the lamp base is square, use an square shade. This rule is only a guideline, often shapes that are mixed and matched give the lamp a more updated look.
4.What is a harp?
The answer to this question is the secret to fitting a shade properly. Now that you have determined the size, shape and color of the shade, the


Bring in your lamp when looking for a lamp shade!
shade must be fitted properly on the lamp. The harp is a removable part that the shade sits on that will proportion the shade to the base. For example, the shade must not fit too high on the lamp to show the light bulb or fit too low to cover the lamp base. The shade must sit at the perfect part on the lamp base in order to complement the lamp. A shade that fits a half inch up or down on the lamp base can make or break the look of a shade on its lamp. We carry all types and sizes of harps.
Remember: The harp is fit to the shade. The harp that came with the lamp is not the only harp that can be used on the lamp.
5.What if the lamp does not haver a harp?
The answer to this question is determined by how the shade fits on the lamp. Some lamps that do not have a harp use a shade with a clip that fits on a bulb. If a proper shade cannot be found with the existing fitter, we can install a harp on most any lamp in order to make more shade options available for the lamp base.

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